All inspections performed by Healthy Home Inspections CFL LLC, will provide detailed cost estimates for items that may require servicing, repair, or replacement. Services can also be bundled at a discounted rate – please call (321) 527-8480 for more information!

Healthy Home Inspections CFL, LLC performs the following Insurance inspections:

Wind Mitigation Inspections for Homeowners and Commercial Properties:

Wind Mitigation consists of a group of features or upgrades intended to reduce the damage your property might suffer during a tropical storm, hurricane, or high winds event. Hire Healthy Home Inspections CFL, LLC to perform a Wind Mitigation Inspection to document and report on the structural features of your property that are necessary for obtaining what could provide significant discounts or credits on the wind portion part of an insurance policy. You may save money on your homeowners’ insurance policy for each mitigation feature that strengthens your home and protects your investment from the windstorms so common in Central Florida.  If coupled with a home inspection, your Wind Mitigation Inspection will be discounted by 50%!  Florida Wind Insurance Savings Calculator.

The benefits of wind mitigation features. See what 98 mph does in this video (video link

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Four Point Inspections:

If your property is more than 30 years old or if it doesn’t meet certain criteria, your insurance company may require a Four Point Inspection before renewing your existing insurance policy or granting you a new one. This is an abbreviated inspection that concentrates on four systems and components of your home: the roof, the plumbing and electrical systems, and the HVAC system.

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Roof Condition Certification:

Insurance companies can require a roof condition certification prior to providing you with homeowner’s insurance. If safe to do so, Bill St Croix will always get on the roof to assess its age and general condition in order to help you get the coverage you need. Bill is different from many other inspectors because he will quantify his findings and estimate the costs of any necessary repairs or replacements for you.

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Balcony HR 7020

In Florida, if a hotel or condominium has 3 stories or more, the Florida Administrative Code for Public Lodging Establishments (Section 509.2112) requires that you present a Certificate of Balcony Inspection every 3 years. It is necessary for an inspection to be performed and for Form HR7020 to be filed in order to appease the state. There are very good reasons for this, the most important of which are the possibility of the balcony collapsing and other instances of structural failure that can and do cause injuries-many of which have been fatal. Healthy Home Inspections CFL, LLC believes that an annual inspection is far more helpful for the true protection of your property and its occupants.

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Ask us about our discounts for the Military and Gold Star Families, First Responders, and Habitat for Humanity volunteers.

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